Month: February 2016

Stream Energy’s 100 Percent Green Plan

I was raised in a family that respects the earth. I learned all about recycling, composting, and generally being a good steward of the land, and these are things that I carried into adulthood. When I make decisions, I think about the impact that my choice will have on the earth. I know a lot of people think that one person cannot make a difference, but I have seen proof that an individual can. That is why I chose Stream Energy when I moved to the outskirts of Austin.

I am not able to completely live off the grid, nor do I want to. I like modern conveniences, but that doesn’t mean I have to abandon everything I believe in, which is making sure my choices are environmentally sound. That is why I looked at each company that provides energy in the area I was moving into, because I wanted to see what their green approach was. While different companies were making strides in this area, Stream Energy is the one that has impresed me the most.

They have a wide variety of plans, ranging from monthly plans, secure plans, and even a plan for brand new customers that give them a welcoming rate. The plan I was most interested in though was the Green and clear plan. This is not only green energy, but it is green energy at its finest because it is 100 percent green. People may not realize that there are two different kinds of energy.

One is brown energy, which is harmful to the environment. This comes from sources such as coal, which pollutes everything around us, including the atmosphere. The other is green energy, which gets its source from wind, water and sun. These are all resources which are plentiful and very friendly to the earth. Since Stream has this 100 percent green plan, it was the only choice for me.