Month: September 2017

Slim Dusty – The Man From Snowy River

This is the longest song, Slim Dusty or not, that I’ve ever heard! ‘Banjo’ Paterson wrote this one, and you may recognise the movie with the same title. Yeah, it was based on this. Enjoy! 5000+ views! Thanks for listening! R.I.P. Slim Dusty!

Project Invincible – McLaren Applied Technologies

Introducing the Project Invincible shield, the latest innovative personalised healthcare solution from McLaren Applied Technologies, the advanced technology, innovation, and design company. Made from materials that will be used in next season’s Formula 1 car, the Invincible shield is the latest addition to its portfolio of personalised healthcare solutions. For more information about Project Invincible [Continue]


Heyyyyyy, je suis super contente de vous retrouver aujourd’hui pour vous présenter ma chambre ! Tout a changé depuis mon dernier room tour, et cette fois-ci, Pinterest et Tumblr m’ont bien aidée ! 👑 S’abonner → 👑 ⚠️ N’oublie pas d’activer les notifications (clique sur la petite cloche en haut) si tu ne veux [Continue]

Top 10 Most Painful Ways To Be Tortured

Top 10 Most Painful Ways To Be Tortured. Back in the Medevil era, people came up with the craziest ideas on how to torture people. These methods were brutal and graphic that its hard to believe it actually exsisted. Check out the vlogging channel: CHECK OUT MY NEW CHANNEL- Life’sBiggestQuestions PO BOX: P.O [Continue]

Mayan Cichlid Attacks A Worm But Doesn’t Eat It

I found this Night Crawler on my sidewalk this morning so I fed it to my Mayan Cichlid in my 125 gallon Native Tank. I also saw that my Green Sunfish (Lepomis sp.) was trying to eat it too. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (


Tonight is finally here! Madelyne is going to the glow party! She needs a white shirt that will glow. How was the party? Did she have a good time? Does she have a boyfriend after tonight? Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE!! See you next time! Click here to subscribe [Continue]

Atmel: Optimization – The Importance of Volatile

Optimization when doing C programming and some of the quirks than can occur. Showing how an optimized program behaves with a global variable being part of two separate threads. Demonstrated on a STK600. Stay connected! Embedded Design Blog: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: