Day: November 19, 2017

Irate Black Man Plays Black ops 2 (Soundboard Gaming)

Thanks for watching 🙂 The Irate Black Man is a victim who originated from a Joe Pesci prank call and is one of the most violent prank victims ever as well as one of the most popular victim soundboards. The Soundboard – Irate Black Boy – For all great soundboards –

Obijuan – oceanic soup (Prod. by flavors)

Shoutouts to the dudes obijuan and flavors for this gem, be sure to scope thier links below! Links: Obijuan: yo so I'm working on a new album called wilton house.. I dropped a track from it yesterday.. link in my bio 🍀 ps the album art is hidden somewhere in my recent posts, 10m [Continue]

ZQuiet Anti-Snore Mouthpiece

This video is my presentation of the ZQuiet anti snore device. The ZQuiet device is a mouthpiece that you wear at night to stop your snoring. It is classified as a mandibular advancement device. These mouthpieces have been shown clinically to help reduce or eliminate snoring. I have tested many mandibular advance devices, tongue retaining [Continue]

Funny Basketball Highlights | Filayyyy Movement

Snatch, tween, behind the back, step, give me two, filayyyy… Jesse Jones is the man behind the Filayyyy Movement that’s taking the world by storm! Listen to Jesse take you through the making of Filayyyy. Comment below with your FAVORITE word from the Filayyyy vocabulary! Follow Filayyyy On Instagram: SUBSCRIBE to Whistle Sports and [Continue]

» Why I Only Make iPhone Videos… | Am I rich? «

I shouldn’t have to film this video and explain, but right now I feel like I kinda have to since a lot of people ask me why I only make iphone videos and my channel is turning into a phone channel. This is why. Simply Sofia POSTING SCHEDULE: Thursdays: Lifestyle/Challenge video Fridays: Vlog Saturdays: Shopping [Continue]

Pipe Calderón – Así Es Mejor (Official Video) ®

Mira Mi Nuevo Video con mi primo Daniel Calderón DAME ► Así es Mejor – Pipe Calderón [ Video Oficial ]® ——— Suscribete a mi Canal Oficial ► ——— Contrataciones: 📞 +57 310 293 9304 Colombia ——— → Sigueme en redes sociales ——— Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Instagram: ——— → Web Oficial [Continue]