Day: December 6, 2017

WEDNESDAY NIGHT SKI! | Well Groomed Episode 06

Check out all the action from the FIRST EVER Wednesday Night Ski, presented by Veuve Cliquot. Cheers for coming up and supporting it Queenstown, we look forward to seeing you for many more to come! Thanks for watching Well Groomed 2017! Be sure to share, like, and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any [Continue]

narrow palazzo pant cutting and stitching

Channel name Meena boutique Palazzo pants used 2 meter cloth and bokram and used the machine for stitching and thread. प्लाजो पैंट में २ मीटर कपड़ा व बुकरम प्रयोग लिया गया व धागा | सिलाई के लिए मशीन उपयोग किया है। narrow palazzo pant cutting and stitching you’ll see in this video palazzo pant cutting [Continue]

The Science of Ignoring | Why do people ignore You?

The Science of Ignoring (Either others or Objects) So, in this video, I want to explain how Ignoring works and its effects on the Brain. The part of the Brain that receives this, is the ACC. This Part of the Brain also receives pain signals. The correlation between the two of (as explained in the [Continue]