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I Needed Some Marketing Help

I thought that I would be able to handle my own marketing when I decided to increase my online presence. I figured that it would be as simple as having a great website designed and then making sure that it is constantly updated to keep people coming back for more. Well, that plan did not work for me because in order to get customers to keep coming back, I needed them to come in the first place. That is why I ended up using Gromode growth marketing agency to help me with the marketing aspect of my business.

I thought that a great website alone would get me noticed when people did a search for what I am selling, but it takes so much more than that. I needed to find a way to get a higher ranking on the search engine results, and that required some marketing skills that I just did not possess. I had no idea what kind of content would get me noticed better, which is why I went with a company that has an amazing way with words. I started reading their own site, and I was impressed with what they did.

Since I did a search and found them on the first page of the results, I knew that they would be able to deliver since they did the same for themselves. I was able to discuss my goals with them, and that is another reason why I really like this company. They don’t approach any of their contracts with a cookie cutter mentality. They design their marketing plan around what I want and how my site is laid out. Getting such a customized service for an incredible price is one of the reasons why I went with them, but there were plenty of other reasons too. I am beyond satisfied with where they have taken my company!

Three Cheers for Frontier FIOS

I literally jumped for joy when I heard that Frontier FIOS would be coming to my area. For years my DSL connection has done nothing but hold me back, and the only saving grace about it that it wasn’t as bad as dial up, which isn’t that much of an accomplishment in this day and age. The people living in the city can get all of the high speed networks, but me and everyone else living in the suburbs had nothing but DSL and dial up at our disposal, until now. Now we have something that download a page in the blink of an eye.

When I played video games on my old Internet connection, people would get mad at me because I was lagging. They didn’t want to play against me, and I could only find other people with bad connections to play against me. Under the FIOS connection, I’m faster than everyone else, and now they accuse me of cheating. I guess no matter what you do, you can’t escape the criticism. At least now, I know that everyone else is just being a sore loser because they lost against someone with a better Internet connection than them.

The fast Internet speed from FIOS really comes in handy when I’m trying to buy items on auction sites. On my old connection, the other bidders would get to place their bids before I got a chance to do mine because their connections let them submit faster. They could also refresh the page and reload it faster. In order to stand a chance against them, I had to open multiple tabs of same page, and even that wasn’t enough, because all of those tabs would slow down my computer. Now I can send in my bids quickly using only one tab.

The Best Way to Follow Your Favorite Teams

Sports are nothing new to society, as they have existed for countless years in one form or another. Of course they were pretty basic at the start, but even games that were played for fun amongst kids were quick to become popular. These days the sports market is worth billions of dollars, with millions of viewers tuning in for almost every game that is played. Many countries even associate sports with their identity and they certainly help develop a sense of patriotism. People go through great efforts to follow along the action, which is why DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket has become so popular.

Sure, national networks do carry several games per week and they are watchable in most places even with just a basic antenna. However, what happens when your favorite team is not on any of these channels? Anyone who is a serious fan will be the first to admit that this is unacceptable. Running to a local sports bar or watching another game will never be the same, so why not make sure it never happens in the first place. The bottom line is that this package is the only guarantee to catch every game, helping every fan to be the ultimate supporter of any team or teams they choose.

Of course it also helps that DirecTV delivers great quality, meaning that your big screen TV can display the game in crystal clear HD quality. Service outages are virtually non-existent and the setup is now easier than ever. In fact, all it takes is a clear view of the sky from the dish in order to get full signal. Of course if something does happen to go wrong, this company is also consistently rated for having some of the best customer support that can be found in the market.

An Employee Tried to Steal

Last year I had to get rid of an employee because I caught him stealing items from the job. He tried to lie about it, but I had video footage of him doing it. He was so furious when he left the office that I thought he was going to come back later and so something to me or the other employees. Instead, he decided to have a tribunal. This was my first time doing anything with a tribunal, and I needed to find some small business tribunal guidance. A little searching went a long way, because I found an experienced party to help me through the process.

I went before the tribunal against my former employee and showed evidence of him stealing while at work. The tribunal immediately ruled in my favor and that was the last that I heard from that former employee. Some weeks later, he had been arrested for committing a crime. To prevent something else like this from happening again, I had a meeting with all of the other employees at the office and talked to them about what happened. We discussed the price of stealing and breaking other rules on the job and I reminded the employees that they are being watched.

Running a small business isn’t always an easy thing to do, and I don’t mean just in terms of financial. There is a lot to do to make sure that the business is running properly, from employee management, so making sure that communication lines stay open. At the end of the day, everything falls back on me. If I can’t make sure that the business is running at optimum efficiency, then everyone else below me will suffer for it, and in the worst case scenario, the business will be shut down and we’ll all be out of a job.

Stream Energy’s 100 Percent Green Plan

I was raised in a family that respects the earth. I learned all about recycling, composting, and generally being a good steward of the land, and these are things that I carried into adulthood. When I make decisions, I think about the impact that my choice will have on the earth. I know a lot of people think that one person cannot make a difference, but I have seen proof that an individual can. That is why I chose Stream Energy when I moved to the outskirts of Austin.

I am not able to completely live off the grid, nor do I want to. I like modern conveniences, but that doesn’t mean I have to abandon everything I believe in, which is making sure my choices are environmentally sound. That is why I looked at each company that provides energy in the area I was moving into, because I wanted to see what their green approach was. While different companies were making strides in this area, Stream Energy is the one that has impresed me the most.

They have a wide variety of plans, ranging from monthly plans, secure plans, and even a plan for brand new customers that give them a welcoming rate. The plan I was most interested in though was the Green and clear plan. This is not only green energy, but it is green energy at its finest because it is 100 percent green. People may not realize that there are two different kinds of energy.

One is brown energy, which is harmful to the environment. This comes from sources such as coal, which pollutes everything around us, including the atmosphere. The other is green energy, which gets its source from wind, water and sun. These are all resources which are plentiful and very friendly to the earth. Since Stream has this 100 percent green plan, it was the only choice for me.