H.E.A.T. – Best Of The Broken (Official video)

H.E.A.T. – Best Of The Broken (Official video)
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9 thoughts on “H.E.A.T. – Best Of The Broken (Official video)

  • by PJ ski

    Cool video. Great to see fans involved. But… no matter how many times I spin this, I feel this is their Subhuman Race moment. Trying to cast a wider net, stripping down their dynamic sound of earlier albums, simplifying it all, muddying it up a bit, and ultimately, alienating those of us spoiled by their high-octane sound of the first four albums, while appealing to a new base of fans who'll have little interest in their early work, or any bands they're likely to tour with. It is what it is. Everyone and everything changes. But, in music, fans prefer change without loss of foundation. Each of the previous four albums have a distinct character, but the same quality of hard rock/AOR in common. This here… not only breaks with that tradition (in itself not a bad thing) but also falls very short of the quality standard they themselves have set for themselves.

    These guys, at album #5 were capable of anything. They could have written their "Wind of Change" at this point. They could have shaken up the music industry. They could have delivered a truly 'Out of this World" experience for us all. They've got the skill, the reach, the budget (I hope..?), and the experience. But spinning the album several times, it just feels like a let down on so many levels. Taste is all relative- if it's great to some, no problem. But the point remains- these guys are capable of so much more than this.

    This album, is sort of like George Clooney starting his own YouTube channel- to reach more fans. Yeah, it would be different. Yeah, many would love it. But those passionate about acting, cinema, etc, would turn away in disappointment. Take it from nearly every industry out there: quality > quantity.

    To all the new fans, enjoy!

    To the rest of us who've been there from "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard…", it's time to fly with a different 'aorline'. 😉

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