11 thoughts on ““Home Grown Tomatoes” By: John Denver

  • by Tim Spur

    i wont touch a tomatoe from the store ….hard and tastes like a tennis ball….i wait all year til spring when i can grow my own….cut them up in a bowl with salt….damn good

  • by Soo Line

    I don't like tomatoes, but I sure love growin' 'em! I love planting a seed and seeing it grow into a strong plant, with large, red tomatoes on the vine. I love that smell you only get from tomato plants.

  • by Kat Shotz

    I fell in-love with John Denver in early 70.  Then fell in-love to John Denver, my love loved him as much as me.
    Lost that lover to someone else.  Then when John Denver died, I was devastated, but he died like he wanted, flying over his beloved state in a plane.  Just like he said he wanted to go.  RIP to u John Denver.  You are still loved and missed.  Thanks for hanging out in '73

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