10 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma Could Flood Large Areas Of Georgia and Alabama 9/11/17

  • by Justen Hamilton

    6inches is not flooding you idiot 4 of those 6 inches are gonna be soaked up by the ground like come on your fucking retarded

  • by Monique Lester

    y'all don't have to worried about hurricane iarm or hurricane josih or hurricane heavy because god got us and the online thing u got to do is called on god tell god to blessed your house don't let noth help to your family members and cousins. That what I said I said got please protect my family members and they houses is nothing to worry about because god got us and I told my turly father to protect everybody family and turly to protect y'all houses and protect my best my best best my r.o.d family because just know god is going to give us a another chance in this world God bless y'all All Thur This Amen.. God please bless eveybdoy family turly truly please bless my family please bless my family god. Amen

  • by fantasykissass

    I live in south Georgia and was worried about this. esp. if the storm stalls a little. thanks for the heads up.

  • by Joe Stephenson

    Hi, I'm from Central Florida. And I didn't leave. Irma is a weak and sad storm once it hit Florida. Please stop fear mongering, as soon as it hit land here it went to a Cat 2. The islands suffered the worst and all your hopes and prayers should go there. Georgia will be fine.

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