Las Vegas Shooting Suspect Identified | MSNBC

NBC News’ Steve Patterson has the latest details on the mass shooting at a music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Las Vegas Shooting Suspect Identified | MSNBC

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10 thoughts on “Las Vegas Shooting Suspect Identified | MSNBC

  • by Brian Pham

    Thank you sir Mr broadcast from MSNBC Thank you to letting us knows what going on . your speech very loud and clear and I understand well.

  • by Craig Childers

    Your network of reporters are absolutely full of it, as usual. there are clearly multiple shooters and you are lying to the public as you do 90 percent of the time..

  • by Anselmo Alliegro

    A "bump stock" is not necessary to make a semi-automatic AR-15 or AK-47 fire as a full automatic. By pushing forward on the handguard while holding the rifle loosely and keeping your finger on the trigger without using the grip when the rifle recoils while being pushed forward it will "bump" the trigger finger repeatedly and keep firing. It mimics a "bump stock." It's a waist of ammunition that has no sporting purpose.

  • by nazmi vllasi

    what happened in Las Vegas today in this century is very unreliable and I am from Kosovo and expressed the deepest condolences to the victims of the family and the god bless America …

  • by MrRebuttal

    UPDATE: Las Vegas white, fascist terrorists STEPHEN PADDOCK'S FATHER WAS HIMSELF A SERIAL BANK ROBBER WHO WAS ON THE FBI'S MOST WANTED LIST IN 1969!!! HIS NAME IS BENJAMIN PADDOCK!!!! Benjamin escaped prison and was on the lamb with the fbi in hot pursuit. Like father like son I guess.

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