Lester Holt Cold Open – SNL

President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) discusses firing FBI director James Comey in an interview with Lester Holt (Michael Che).

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10 thoughts on “Lester Holt Cold Open – SNL

  • by mfeepm F

    lol this is un fucking believable. So funny but all in terrible taste. Nothing can make this not in terrible taste. Not anything that Trump has previously said would make this shit right. What would make the left actually be better like you think you are would be to be better than this, and also say how alot of this is WAY over the line. I mean hey , its hilarious.. but makes anything Trump has said look totally tame and PC. Alec Baldwin is completely vindicating Donald Trump. Hes another celebrity with the world listening. So the whole world is seeing some asshole hippy actor fuck face throwing our President and our government under the bus. The left is not better, someone respond here and say yes the hilary Clinton investigation was a sham and if there was ever a time where nothing mattered it was there. Also say how Comey was a Clinton monkey. Also say that anyone being elected rather than her is a good thing. Then I will say that Trump is a buffoon. An orange Buffoon. Then the people will unite and we will be better for it.

  • by Greg Tippitt

    Perhaps while Trump is out of the US on his foreign travels, Alec could sneak into the White House and replace him before he returns!

  • by xerakis

    Jejune, derivative and over- played… simply not funny anymore. Baldwin has proven to be a cheap shill for the left wing, pc-infected Globalists…. pathetic.

  • by Brent Parks

    These Donald Trump skits always make me laugh at first and then I realize that it really isn't a joke and this country is run by a fucking moron elected by retarded people.

  • by Charles Pye

    i dnt remember them going hard on the last pres like they are on this one O wait the last one was blk so no one one could talk about his crap he said he would do but never did \\\ now he is living like a king on tax payers money

  • by ninjaryda.rg@gmail.com

    That's rite trump , do your thing , finally a crazy president with balls enought to take action for us not against us .

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