Lonzo Ball Shooting Form (THE TRUTH)

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Lonzo Ball Shooting Form (THE TRUTH)! A detailed explanation about exactly why Lonzo shoots the way he does and why it’s extremely important for new shooters to understand.


Why does Lonzo Ball’s shot look like that?!

In this video, we discuss why Lonzo shoots the way he does and explain why it’s not an ‘accident’.

Shooting form is based on a shooter’s personal makeup and this video explores why Lonzo and many other professional shooters bring the ball up the opposite side of their body.

(Right handed shooters bringing the ball up their left side/Left handed shooters bringing the ball up their right side)






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17 thoughts on “Lonzo Ball Shooting Form (THE TRUTH)

  • by MUFC KODI

    I have the ball on the left side of my head as well, my left eye is not as good as my right, but the real reason why is shoot from the left is because it gives me more power as a right hander

  • by Muse Russell23

    Great video man. I'm not sure if you've heard before but lonzos dad lavar said his unconventional shot came from playing against bigger and older people growing up and that helped him get his shot off, and then it just stuck as he got older. Idk if the dad has ever heard of left-right eye dominance before and he probably just made up an answer that he felt made sense to explain lonzos form, but just thought I'd let you know that lavar said that if that potentially has anything to do with lonzos form as well. I haven't tried to work out what benefit if any that cross side shot would have in getting the ball off on bigger taller defenders compared to a conventional form

  • by ronn harvey Laygo

    I was once a Cross dominant shooter, but my resolution was I changed my shooting hand (from right to left). I struggle at first but practice makes it fluid and precise

  • by Jerry Chang

    If I am left eye dominant shooting right handed wouldn't I want to shoot in front of my right eye. If I bring it over to the left it will block vision of my left eye

  • by ReCharredSigh

    ok, i’m not a cross-dominant-eye shooter, but i’ve always wondered, how do those types of players shoot well when they need to do a dribble pullup going towards their strong hand? ie, if a right-hand, left-eye dominant shooter drives to his right, it’s going to be estremely hard to pullup.

  • by Sameer Haji

    Damn, sick video. The secrets finally been revealed on lonzo. Cant wait for the next video to come out

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