13 thoughts on “Loud Squeal, Engine stalls: Ford Freestar

  • by Harold Dings

    Camshaft synchronizer. Take the sensor off with a 5.5mm and poor some gear oil on the camshaft synchronizer like i did a year ago.

  • by Robert L

    Wow, that job actually looks like it is easier on a 3 liter Ranger with the CPS and synchro crammed under the cowl and against the firewall. No moving of coolant lines, just some yoga poses to pull and stab it.

  • by JackOfAllTrades

    Sweet find. I had debated getting an oscilloscope, then said no, but after watching this, I think I'll get one.

  • by Victor Villasana

    Uggghh. And the rusty axel bolt breaks free with no muscle twitch or bulging veins. Ohh scotty

  • by The Car Doctor Auto Repair

    Great job at proper diagnosis and repair verification. If there were more like us in this field, rather than folks that throw parts at vehicles in hopes of fixing a problem, this industry wouldn't have the negative stigma it's had over the decades. I remember the first time I ran into the same squeal as this van. A mustang with a 3.8L. I pulled the belt off, spun the pulleys and found no faulty bearings. For some reason I needed to back the car up before replacing the belt and I still heard the squeak without the belt installed. I scratched my head and thought "what the heck!". I got my stethoscope out and about blew my ear drums out when touching the cam sensor housing. I don't see too many of these go bad anymore. They've probably all been replaced by now.
    I watched this video to get a peek at the picoscope in action with a touch screen laptop. I've used a Verus and Modis for years, but my Modis is only a two channel and the Verus isn't my favorite lab scope. I refuse to pay the price for the new Zeus. Even with a trade in it costs upwards of ten grand. (Snap on has me upset these days). I've heard nothing but good things about the picoscope, so my mind is made up. A new Picoscope for a Christmas gift to myself!

  • by fordltd1983

    I had a 2006 freestar 4.2 bought at 80,000 miles and drove it into the ground got 225,000 till the trans pump shaft went. Thanks for the videos.

  • by RC Hobbyist Extreme

    So the rod going to the oil pump can fall into the block because there is no circle clip notch in the shaft hole. leave it to the chinese to screw you over. Thats funny,you forgot to hook up the test meter. Goes to show you,everything is made in China. Should we ever piss them off,we are screwed when getting parts for anything we use.

  • by RC Hobbyist Extreme

    I had an alternator go bad and would lock up the motor. It was so bad it wouldnt start until the belt was removed. So yes,a bad bearing will case an engine to lug and stall. The engine is fine,just needs a bit of love!

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