6 thoughts on “Mayan Cichlid Attacks A Worm But Doesn’t Eat It

  • by StillNoPickles

    Hey can someone answer this question

    If you have a school of peaceful fish will they bully or harass an individual fish that's slightly bigger than they are? I'm wondering if 5 black tetras would bully a single blue gourami that's full size?

  • by Anthony Djordjeski

    that mayan cichlid really eats all of those crayfish you continue to add in this tank? That is impressive

  • by patg108

    if the mayan doesn't eat it the sunfish or the crayfish or perhaps the large creek chub will eat it. And its interesting that the creek chubs will eat each other if they get large enough, should keep that one around long term as he's less likely to be eaten (for awhile depending upon how long you keep that green sunfish, or until the mayan decides to try to eat minnows). Think the large creek chub hunted down and killed its smaller bretheren or think it found and just ate a already dead minnow?

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