Medicare for all doesn’t make sense | IN 60 SECONDS

Bernie Sanders’ single-payer health care proposal won’t work. AEI’s Jim Pethokoukis explains why.

ARTICLE – The magical thinking of Medicare for all

ARTICLE – Hey, Democrats: It’s okay to like tax cuts

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13 thoughts on “Medicare for all doesn’t make sense | IN 60 SECONDS

  • by smefour

    Apart from the fact most 1st World countries already spend less per capita that the US using a Medicare for all approach

  • by thepokekid01

    This guy is an excellent stand-up comedian. Maybe 60s of comedy isn't a good measure of skill, but he still had me rolling on the floor laughing the whole time!

  • by teebone 21

    healthcare for all doesnt make sense but 700 billion annually for military is ? this video is shit. peoples tax dollars needs to be used on THE CITIZENS not on war and paying off foreign governments

  • by Sal ty

    If we can give trillions in tax breaks to big companies and for weapons of war and people die because no money, what are we even calling ourselves a country for? much less a God fearing country. Medicare for all~ like yesterday!

  • by CyberiusT

    1) "The economy is doing pretty well right now" Oh really? In which alternate reality do you live?
    2) "Single-payer won't work" (paraphrase) Sure. You're saying the US is too stupid realise that, although expensive to set up initially, a healthy populace is actually less of a drain on the public purse and more productive – like almost every other country on Earth. Brave move, Jim, but I guess it's your porch the flaming shitbags will land on.

  • by Garrett Myler

    You had me till "stabilize Obamacare". Obamacare, specifically the public option, was admittedly designed to put private healthcare out of business and lead to single-payer. It's awful and should simply be repealed ASAP.

  • by peterjs007

    Australia has a Medicare single player system which covers basic doctors service and hospital care. Its funded by a medicare levy of 2% on taxable income. If you are in a high tax bracket (>90,000 AUD) and you don't buy private health cover you have to pay an additional levy surcharge of 1% income. In addition to that there is a "Lifetime health cover loading" , which increases your private health cover premiums by 2% each year once you turn 31, for each year that you delay getting private health cover.

    Basic hospital cover under a private plan is around $100 a month

  • by Nature Boy

    Every western democracy has government funded tax payer funded health care, except for the United States!
    Says everything!

  • by AiguilleVoodoo

    Many countries has done it, it has been proven to be economical. I just don't see the argument this video is trying to make. Maybe take more than 60 seconds next time because this a failed to explain anything.

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