Pazha Karuppaiah Thundering speech at Neethi Katchi 100th Anniversary function

Pazha Karuppaiah Thundering speech at Neethi Katchi 100th Anniversary function

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18 thoughts on “Pazha Karuppaiah Thundering speech at Neethi Katchi 100th Anniversary function

  • by rajaram jayaveeran

    What he is saying the history is true vallalar is first anti bramin and true tamil sidhar
    In 19 century
    Fuck religions and caste
    Valga vallalar

  • by mauryan01

    Kalaignar also swindled the state out of millions of rupees. In 1975, Sarkaria commission first exposed the extent of his theft and it showed how the Dravidian parties syphoned off all the funds. It never stopped with that. Corruption continued all the way through the next generation to 2G scam and so on. Jeyalalitha ran the other Dravidian party and went into full throttle in the theft of the state. You guys are full of talk. But you guys are the worst kind of thieves.

  • by Krishna Moorthi

    India some couple of centuries back consisted of a minor section of people called Hindus while the vast majority belonged to the so called lower caste beings who were not permitted to certain areas and temples. Later the Christianity and Islam which had no caste divisions, upper and lower classifications started to spread in India, sometimes by force. There was no question of conversion of Hindus because most of the then population was religion-less and those religion-less people only became Christians and Muslims. They had their own gods and worshiping methods which were given up after conversion. The clashes between different faiths started after this conversion only which are called communal clashes.
    In spite of the weak Hindu structure other religions could not succeed in their attempt. In order to accelerate the religious polarization Muslim kings adopted force whereas the Christians resorted to historical research mixed with divisive theories so that it would become a self-sustaining conversion process. The Dravida, a Sanskrit word was given to the southern India inhabitants by Caldwell. The word Dravida means those born and living in land surrounded by seas on three sides i.e. peninsula. All can understand that all South Africans, South Americans and all living in peninsulas are Dravidans by this meaning.

    The British took a cue and introduced communal representation in elections in the beginning of last century which culminated in Pakistan.
    The same British and allies which had conspired for many centuries split the Ottoman empire into many splinter countries in 1919 and now we see how the battles are raging in West Asia, which had become a good laboratory for testing new weapons and market for US and Russia for selling old stock of weapons.
    Similarly India is buying weapons from these countries.
    These politicians talk on the podiums only to get cheers and ovations and don't talk correct.
    Though crowds can be seen in the meetings the politicians have to realize that the intelligent masses come to the public meetings as an entertainment free of cost. It is a common secret that now paid crowds only participate in demonstrations and processions.
    Democracy is punishment imposed on the common man who have to silently undergo the misrule provided by these politicians. Don't be lead by the caste theories trumpeted by these
    people. The Dravida vs. Parpaanium theory is not yet proved.

  • by vadi raj

    The other face of hatred dravidian politics 🙂 nice to see ur foul filthy hatred language and also your fraud history fake sentences coming from your mouth good keep up ur hatred !! Jai shree Raam ..!!

  • by Selva Ganesan

    இறந்து விட்ட திராவிடத்துக்கு எம்பார்மிங் வேலை தான் நடந்து கொண்டிருக்கிறது.கோட்டரும்,கோழிபிரியானியும் இல்லையென்றால் திராவிட அரசியல் இல்லை.இனி இந்த மண்ணில் தமிழ் தேசியமே வெல்லும்.

  • by Suresh Iyer

    இப்படி பேசி பேசிகிட்டே இருந்தியின்னா வீரமணி மாதிரி ஆயிடுவ தெரிஞ்சுக்க. யாரும் உங்ககளை நம்பலடா தெரிஞ்சுக்க.

  • by Expert Jack

    Yov Bharathi kadaisiyil verupadugal mayai enru unarnthu Gnanam adainthu Iraivanai unarthathu unnaku theriyumaya. Tamil pesuravan Tamilan appa yenda dravidanu solra badu.

  • by Zahir Hussain

    அருமையான பேச்சு… சிறந்த செய்திகள்…

  • by star67641

    ada ada ada ada ennamaa karadi kutty karpanai valam pannuthu….neerarum kadaludutha enbathu thamizh vaazhthu padal, mozhikku mukiam koduthu paaduvathu…thamizh thesiyageetham endru thirithu koora vendiya thillai, kaathila kaagithapoo sutruginra velaiyai karupaiah kola koodathu….thesiya geetham enbathu jana gana mana paadal ondru mattumey…ithu theriyalam pithtrugiraarey intha karadi vithuvaan….

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