11 thoughts on “President John F. Kennedy’s “Peace Speech”

  • by Jim Dandy

    His oratory skills were unreal. He had the brains in the family. As well as his father. Talented man. Good looking and rich. Shit I'm ugly, can't speak publicly and poor. Life really isn't fair.

  • by jack russell

    A LEGEND !!!! what kind of peace do i mean and what kind of peace do we seek…not a pax americana but genuine peace…" we must reconsider our attitude versus soviet union….and the cold war…""
    for the evil forces that run the finance and military industry was too much….since than USA has been  always at war with some one for more than 50 years

  • by steeli span

    when he died AMERICA lost their innocence. the MILITARY INTELLIGENT INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX IS FULLY IN PLACE only the morale courageous in men amoung women can provail


  • by Barry Wilkins

    Someone needs to send copies of this speech to ALL political leaders of the "free" world. Especially to Trump AND Putin!! Yes I know….I know, you all think I am mad!! But if we have really listened and have HEARD the message of this speech…(note the well-couched and even-handed comments regarding the Russian people)..then it is imperative that we press our elected representatives, who are in a position of power to actually DO something! This speech should be compulsory study (a unit all its own) for all students of Politics.

  • by Reggie Greer

    Two incredible days in the life of the nation. On June 10, 1963, President Kennedy gave this important address on peace, and then the very next day, he addressed the nation on race from the Oval Office. I cannot imagine Trump speaking with this much moral clarity.

  • by rae huestis

    all of his speeches need to be played in all schools as part of the social studies or history curriculum

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