Satan’s BEST trick to DECEIVE Christians REVEALED!

Jesus teaches us to ONLY listen to Him, and to be led by His Spirit, He says the Holy Spirit will teach you all things. The problem comes when Satan uses people who are very close to you. Your own family members, your own friends, and they come to you with very legitimate sounding concerns. They say; “Friend, I am very concerned for you.” And they might be very concerned for you but their concern does not come from the Holy Spirit. If you start listening to people, and take your eyes off of Jesus, Satan will have you deceived. To people who are already dedicated to following Jesus, Satan cannot use a psychotic, obviously satanic person to deceive them. You will know instantly that that person is NOT from the Holy Sprit. But if Satan uses someone that you still respect, that you maybe still look up to. You can bet that will be a lot more deceptive looking. Maybe, Satan could get you to start following men and women again. This is how he gets many many Christians to stumble. They get their eyes off of Jesus and they put their eyes back onto other men. If you do not want to be deceived, you have to keep your eyes on Jesus and be asking Him in prayer daily for the guidance of His Spirit. Jesus Himself says to His best friend Peter; “GET BEHIND ME SATAN!” Peter on that day said to Jesus, “Jesus you’re talking crazy, you certainly will not go to a cross and die.” Peter had the best of intentions for Jesus, Peter loved Jesus, Peter was very concerned for Jesus, BUT Peter was NOT being led by the Holy Spirit. Jesus knew what He must do. AND if we keep our eyes on Jesus, we will know what We must do. Are your eyes on Jesus? Are you being led by the Holy Spirit? Or are you just listening to other men and women? May the grace of Jesus be with you.

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17 thoughts on “Satan’s BEST trick to DECEIVE Christians REVEALED!

  • by texjames2000

    Keep my eyes on Jesus, just not always the way I should. Like probably 90 percent of us. I keep on though & encourage everyone to keep seeking Him.

  • by Soteriology101

    @2:37 I close my eyes.  I see darkness.  I open my eyes.  I see the world around me.  I go to my prayer closet.  I see its walls.  I turn on my computer.  I see its screen & whatever is displayed on it. I go to Church.  I see the pastor & the people & the seats.  I open my Bible.  I see black print on white page. I go to Sunday school.  I see a picture of a tall man with blue eyes & long hair who resembles perhaps Cesare Borgia Duke of Valentinois, or perhaps Sonanda, or perhaps Saint Germain or perhaps Akaine Kramarick's uncle.  Sometimes I see these man depicted on a cross with a crown of thorns, nails in his wrists & feet & stripes on his back. Sometimes long hair, sometimes short hair.  Sometimes I see them off the cross with nail holes in their hands. I go into the woods.  I see birds trees rabbits squirrels.  Christians say, "Keep your eyes upon Jesus".  Quite frankly I never saw Jesus.   Would I know Him from any of these afore mentioned fakes?   How am I supposed to keep my eyes on someone who I have never seen His face?  How am I supposed to hear from someone I have never heard His voice?  Quite frankly I do not even know the color of His skin or hair or eyes.  I am told He was a Jew but there are lots of fake Jews in this world who are fakes in every way,  fake  bloodline, language,  a fake Jewish religion, a fake Jewish nation & a fake relationship to Christ.  I have heard many pastors & teachers that teach different things about the Bible, salvation, prophesy, works & faith, origins, law, & grace, baptism & communion..  I open my Bible & see all sorts of contradicting commandments.  Weap & morn and howl.  Rejoice in the Lord always.  Study to be quiet.  Sing praises to the Lord.  Keep my eyes on Jesus?   Am I supposed to view Him with a third eye?  Forget it.  How about remote viewing?   Do you trust remote viewers?  Follow Jesus?  He is in heaven I am on earth?  I don't have a starship or a star gate. I wish I did but even  if I did I would not know what course to program into the bridge or what chevrons to set  on the star gate.  At one time it all seemed so simple.    All I was supposed to do was to believe on Him for salvation.  I was supposed to count some gospel information true and reliable.   Now there are so many voices out there and so many world views my head is spinning.

  • by Batphink Fred

    Absolutely WILL bow to satan IF he gives me my health back that was taken from me 30 years ago,yes all my prayers to the tyrant God who set up his own perfect son to die for us morons meant nothing to him.I am ill,at home,broke and lost the love of my life thanks God !

  • by M Clare

    I apologize first of all. After fasting God revealed to me the hyper grace deception. I had said u were full of bs cuz I too had itching ears. Thank you for sharing the true gospel of repentance & turning away from sin. God bless.

  • by Hero Jason

    what is Jesus voice alike? demand? free choice? I sin even I don't know I sin. it become very confused for me and I am scary always and peace at the same time. please pray for me. I love Jesus with all my heart but I think I do not know him. but the same time I think I do.

  • by Aster Bista

    Satan is attack my family plz help me bro..I don't no what to do. Satan is not going my room.plz help me me +009779861951854 I'm sad bro.satat take me his hell.I'm cry.

  • by Amber krill

    I feel like that I am Doom 4 hell it doesn't matter what I do or say I feel like the devil is always there telling me no matter what I do no matter what I say I'm going to hell why do I feel that way?

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