Scientists Vote ‘The Earth IS Flat’ – ‘And Why!’

It can all change in the blink of an eye.
It was at the most fundamental level of Velikovsky’s new perspective threatened modern theoretical frameworks, for he claimed:……Planets now moving on stable orbits many millions of miles from Earth have not always moved on these paths…….The solar system has been unstable within human memory. That means not millions or billions of years ago, but within the past few thousand years……..More than once in recent history, errant planets menaced the Earth………In myths and legends, man preserved a record of spectacular celestial events. The primary powers in the myths are planets……..Hence, we cannot understand the myths by any reference to the way things are today………More specifically, Velikovsky offered a dramatic profile of the planets, based on myth and symbol……..The planet Venus once possessed a comet-like tail, and its orbit brought the planet into confrontation with the Earth……….The planet Mars, the war-god of the ancient world, participated directly in Earth-changing catastrophes and appeared to battle other celestial bodies in the sky………During an epoch remembered as the Golden Age, the planet Saturn once shone as the dominant light in the sky when the Earth was possibly a satellite of Saturn.
At just under 1300 feet below sea level, it is the lowest place on earth, the dead sea. ‘How is that possible, if the earth is round?’ For more great ‘Flat Earth info?’ Click here…
or here, (and tell him I sent ya).… An email I received stated this may be the type of camera they’ve been using to take pictures of flat planets to make them look spherical. What do you think?… Just ‘why would people think the world is flat, and not believe NASA? Click here to find out:… Time and time again through test, trial, and experiment, it has been shown that the earth is not a whirling globe of popular credulity, but an extended plane of times immaterial. All for `just`a neater equation and to help our young minds grasp math ‘easier,’ some say. Round earth is ‘also a theory.’ For a part 2, click here:… So? Just what do we have here?… ………..Is everything you know wrong? Hmmm. After all, just what is real when future, unknown, technologies are being used on an unknowing populace that forever appear to be magical in a world full of illusions? Consider me ‘just the lawyer presenting the evidence to you. And you? You be the judge. Is the Antarctic ‘actually off limits’ to all of us common folk? What’s being protected within that 300 mile tropical land mass (or under that freezing ice, below, in those freezing waters), or being held at bay? Imagine, if you will, for a moment, if we lived within a tiny boxed in area that was surrounded by hundreds of miles of impassable ice to which on the other side resided the most largest alien masters / owners / reptilians / Annunaki, that one could think of? You be the judge, remember?
Sleep tight.
Excerpt from The flat Earth model is an archaic conception of the Earth’s shape as a plane or disk. Many ancient cultures subscribed to a flat Earth cosmography, including Greece until the classical period, the Bronze Age and Iron Age civilizations of the Near East until the Hellenistic period, India until the Gupta period (early centuries AD) and China until the 17th century. That paradigm was also typically held in the aboriginal cultures of the Americas, and the notion of a flat Earth domed by the firmament in the shape of an inverted bowl is common in pre-scientific societies.
The idea of a spherical Earth appeared in Greek philosophy with Pythagoras (6th century BC), although most Pre-Socratics retained the flat Earth model. Aristotle accepted the spherical shape of the Earth on empirical grounds around 330 BC, and knowledge of the spherical Earth gradually began to spread beyond the Hellenistic world from then on.
Since the 20th century the consensus among historians of science has been that medieval Europeans, with rare exception, put little confidence in a flat earth model. (end of excerpt).
Notice the last part, ‘ Since the 20th century the consensus among historians of science has been that medieval Europeans, with rare exception, put little confidence in a flat earth model.’ ”Little confidence?” A little. which would mean what? They’re ‘still’ not sure.

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17 thoughts on “Scientists Vote ‘The Earth IS Flat’ – ‘And Why!’

  • by Benny Chessington III

    What vote? Where is the coverage, documentation, signatures and pictures? You know the kind of thing that makes things real. It's called verification and you can't have facts without it. You spent 2 hours wasting time presenting anecdotal evidence, opinion, and personal one time observations all loaded with fallacy and I didn't waste a minute of my time watching it.

  • by EinSofQuester

    Below is proof that the earth is a sphere (almost perfectly) with a radius of 6371 KM:

    If the earth is a sphere with a radius of 6371 KM then the following would be the formula for the distance to the horizon in KMs:

    40,028 X [Arcos(R/(R + H)] / 360

    where H = height above surface of water and R = radius of earth in KMs

    For example, if your eye level is 2 metres above the surface then the horizon would be at 5.0479 KMs

    So for whatever the distance to the horizon is, if the earth were a sphere as I described above then once any object on a body of water reaches that distance from your eyes then we should start seeing it disappear over the horizon starting from its bottom first.

    This is exactly what we see once we put the above formula to an experimental test. So the earth must be a sphere with a radius of 6371 KM.

    I am the Author of the acclaimed philosophical/spiritual novel Shards Of Divinities at: kindle paperback

  • by JohnNiemsMusic

    They call the flying machines AIR-PLANES! You are in the AIR over the PLANE! It could never fly straight over a ROUND GLOBE FOLKS! End of discussion! We are on a FLAT EARTH plain err PLANE and SIMPLE!

  • by Jim Yost

    If the earth was flat there would be no night (it would be daytime all the time), there would be no seasons, there would be no polar ice caps, the equator wouldn't have a constant temperature all year, there would be no magnetic poles (so that compasses wouldn't work), there would be no lunar eclipses, rainbows wouldn't be arched, ships wouldn't disappear over the horizon (less than 100 miles away), there would be no differences between the night skies in the Southern hemisphere vs the Northern hemisphere (e.g. the visibility of the North Star in the Northern hemisphere and the Southern Cross constellation in the Southern hemisphere), there would be no pictures and videos of the spherical planet earth taken from satellites and space vehicles owned by many countries (not just NASA), people in the northern hemisphere wouldn't point their satellite dishes toward the south, and people in the southern hemisphere wouldn't point their satellite dishes toward the north.

    I think that the flat earth notion, besides being a cult, is actually a form of dementia. All cults are founded on doctrines of demons and demons can inaugurate dementia in people who they have rights to control. Many times people inadvertently give rights to demons to control them without having the first clue that that's what they're doing. For example, one of the most prevalent door-openers to the demonic realm is addiction to TV and movies (which would explain the epidemic increase of dementia in America, not just in the elderly but also in much younger people now), but that's another subject. The dementia doesn't happen overnight… usually it comes on slowly for years and can manifest in all kinds of ways (i.e. crazy behavior). The Apostle Paul foresaw and forewarned about the proliferation of doctrines of demons in the end times and about the consequences that are the result of believing them (1 Timothy 4:1-2 and 2 Timothy 4:3-4, King James Version). According to those verses, belief in doctrines of demons has some very serious side-effects (e.g. a person without a conscience is like a boat without a rudder).

    YouTube is awash with false teachers and false prophets espousing doctrines of demons, and amazingly, many of them have huge followings. It's very sad that there are so many people who have lost their discernment in this day and time. One thing most of them fail to realize is that the false teachers and false prophets are often very popular (e.g Simon Magus in Acts chapter 8 verses 4-24), and conversely, the genuine teachers and prophets of the Lord end up being pretty much unheard of (and/or ignored, laughed at, vilified, persecuted, and rejected).

    The only solution to the demonic influence is repentance (i.e. seeking the Lord in a contrite way and confessing the sin and asking him for forgiveness, and asking him for the strength to stop the addiction), but the problem with people who are already exhibiting signs of dementia is that they don't know they have any need to repent. It's really very sad for them and for friends and loved ones try to reach them as they're so wise in their own eyes that they become unteachable and unreachable. It's more than sad, it's pretty much heartbreaking.

  • by Poseidon63

    A compilation on the 21-8 2017 eclipse that brought shame to flattards…….

    You can quit with the flat earth shit now because a solar eclipse
    happened, witnessed by millions, and was predicted and happened on
    spherical earth, something that wasn't predicted and couldn't happen on
    your nonsense flat earth.
     If you don't accept it you at least have to accept that millions of
    people who saw this event will regard you as an utter dumb wacko.
    Now you are free, you no longer have to show the world on video what a
    complete dumbfuck you are and can hold your head up high with your eyes
    wide open. FLAT EARTH IS DEAD

     For people who are to dumb to understand why the shadow travels west to east………………
    The Moon orbits the Earth from west to east. If you want to verify this,
    watch Moonrise on successive nights and you'll see that it rises later
    each day as the Earth's rotation needs more time to 'catch up' with the
    Moon in its orbit. The Moon's orbital velocity is about 1 km/sec, so its
    shadow travels at that same velocity. While the Earth's rotation also
    proceeds from west to east, the FASTEST motion generated by that
    rotation is at the equator and works out to less than .5 km/sec. So the
    Moon's shadow moves eastward at a velocity greater than the Earth's
    rotational velocity at any location or time, *causing it to travel west
    to east across the Earth's surface as the globe model predicted*

  • by Neil

    Creation Ministries International Please note: this is not a topic that is up for debate. Comments advocating for a flat earth will be automatically hidden and commenters banned from the page. Fans: please do not respond to flat-earth commenters.

  • by Marc Hicks

    This is so funny,,,,,,,,Amber,,,,,,,,you still believe this stuff,,,,,,,,,all you have to do is get out of your body and go see it for yourself,,,,,,,,,,I mean, you can see it for yourself,,,,,,,but this theory has made you skip out on your spiritual growth,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just go look for your self???

  • by Îê Îenî

    Due to religious childhood you had no freedom to choose what to believe – And now your brains are not strong enough to handle the truth. This evil world is the best proof that there is no god at all – and we need to just deal with that 🙂 Here's my first video ever: Thank me later and have a liberated day.

  • by Neil Robert

    the Earth is Hollow not flat. NASA lies. there is evil in the center of the Earth or there might be good in there that is what Adele Hitler

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