Supreme Leader Snoke a Grey Jedi Theory – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Why does Supreme Leader Snoke seem to so heavily value the light side of the force that still remains within Kylo Ren and why does Snoke not have the piercing fiery eyes of a Sith lord despite claiming to be so amerced in the powers of the dark side? In this video we explore the theory that Snoke may in fact value the light because he believes in pieces of it and believes in more of a middle ground in the force, making him a grey Jedi.

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16 thoughts on “Supreme Leader Snoke a Grey Jedi Theory – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  • by malbowz 125

    Simple answer: Snoke was created by JarJar Abrams and thus doesn't make sense as a character (i.e. doesn't have yellow eyes) because JarJar is only capable of making derivative uninspired bunk that soley relies on nostalgia while neglecting the continuity and lore.

  • by Sky Fz9

    Grey Jedi have been around for a while in Legends & more, these idiots in the comments think its something new Disney made up

  • by Dieselbootz

    Is it that hard to tell that this guy is Vader.. look at the scar on his head then look at the condition of Vaders helmet while Kylo is speaking to it. Plus doesn't he look kinda burnt up? Hmmm. Theory theory theories.. Why has Disney dropped these Vador comics? Hmmm. Why have Kylo kill his father? hmmm.. Why would the 1st order be just like the empire? Come on guys..

  • by Nick Sketch

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  • by Vince&Al Podcast

    Hello there! Feel free to check out our latest Star wars discussion and our theory on the Pratorian Guards and the Knights of Ren's role in ep. 8!

  • by Richard Nicholson

    I don't know why everybody's trippin they're heading into the grey so it's obvious they're probably going to unite to fight a true evil

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