TF2 Weapon Balance Ideas: Engineer & Post Jungle Inferno

Here’s some Engineer weapon balance ideas just for you. No one else. Keep this a secret. I almost froze to death making this. My computer is frozen solid. I had to eat my monitor just to stay alive.
Widowmaker: 1:03
Pomson 6000: 1:46
Panic Attack: 3:15
Wrangler: 4:06
Short Circuit: 5:35
Southern Hospitality: 6:41
Pretty Boy’s Pocket Pistol: 9:02
Flying Guillotine: 9:43
Atomizer: 10:23
Reserve Shooter: 11:00
B.A.S.E. Jumper: 11:24


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15 thoughts on “TF2 Weapon Balance Ideas: Engineer & Post Jungle Inferno

  • by Willyboi!!

    Weapon balance? Maybe if you take off the meter on the Rescue Ranger, it might scale with the Frontier Justice

  • by NeverthelesS

    Panic Attack: Remove it from Engineer's Primaries. Add "Combat Shotgun." Combat Shotgun: Exact same stats as Panic Attack during MYM Update. Done, I feel like the new Panic Attack is to benifit all the classes except Engineer, it was a great flanking weapon.

  • by cubanwargaming

    After breakfast, the bann thing is bad, they should ban COMBOS! NOT SOLO WEAPONS, things like crossbow+quikfix or rescue ranger+wrangler, get the idea rigth?

  • by Jeffrey Kirkley

    Actually, I would prefer if the Southern hospitality made it so your dispenser glows to all allied players on the server. Not sure about down side.

  • by ghostboy1225

    i saw a double barrel shotgun for pyro and thought that if they slit the reserve shooter up they should make it so the pyro gets a double barrel shotgun that holds 2 shots and has the reserve shooter stats

  • by Brooks Johnson

    Panic Attack Rebalance:

    On Primary Fire: load up to 4 shells and shoot them in rapid progression once released (keep the beggars aspect, plz)
    33% Faster reload speed
    33% Faster firing speed
    15% Damage penalty
    Shots mini-crit when wearer is below 50% HP
    70% Faster switch-to speed
    50% slower holster speed


  • by brychtík

    I will make the Pomson change like pre Jungle inferno version of bison except of decreasing the projectile speed (I will even meaby increase pomson's projectile speed to 1400 Hu/s) and not change base damage. (20% less damage per player penetrated, can not hit same person multiple times). If the drain mechanics should be removed, I will replace them like: on hit you can see cloaked spy's siluette for 2 seconds and reduce healing/übercharge rate by 20% for 2s on medic hit.

  • by Yummy Plushies

    with the FG (flying Guillotine) you could technically combo with the sandman and force-a-nature cause they take a slowing debuff on hit

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