War Robots Fun-Brawling Hangar Ep #2 With Bitter Ending

More Fun-Hangar action with Stalker, Jesse, Doc & Patton!
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12 thoughts on “War Robots Fun-Brawling Hangar Ep #2 With Bitter Ending

  • by War Robots

    Brother i won in 1on1 challenge but still not got my prize my id was in foggys list but he is not replying my id was on top JJE3X9 can you please help me with that

  • by Richard Peterson

    just got a Jessie a while back. and while it's not exactly the most powerful robot most people run, and it's actually a glass cannon in a since, it is my favorite bot in my hanger. fun to use, and challenging to run to good effect. aphid Jessie is a deceptive killer.people can have their dash with shock trains. I prefer the Jessie. again, not the deadliest thing out there, but that's most the fun. it actually needs skill to use. I would love to get the doc at some point, but out of the three the Jessie is my favorite. I will get all my lowly stalkers maxed at some point lol. but I honestly prefer the Jessie to the stalker. I wish all the robots was more skill based like the wild west robots. they really force you to engage, and make full use of the environment. these new set ups are just Brute force tanks with ridiculous defenceve capabilities. but apperantly pixonic feels otherwise so this wave of no skill needed builds will continue. have at it. I got 800k plus damage with my Jessie a few days ago. so whoops. lowly robot kicked ass. seems you really don't need dash and shock train to be a good player.

  • by Spown

    What is it you are playing on? It doesn't look like Facebook Gameroom, but you have shadows and better textures. And this blue cursor. Is it an MEmu? I'm playing on Bluestacks3 (the only emul WWR doesn't crash on my AMD rig) and even with 4 core and 4Gb RAM (max I can configure, even if I have 6 cores and 8GB system) the game looks like shit. I've seen "Mobile Vs PC – Which Platform?!? Starter Guide" vid, but you don't explain how to get a better graphix on emulator there. Is there another vid where you go into details? If not then please do one.

  • by [DG] Dark Gaming

    If Manni run Zenith Natasha with ECU, I will ask Phoenix to make 1 more video about War Robots ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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