Tonight is finally here! Madelyne is going to the glow party! She needs a white shirt that will glow. How was the party? Did she have a good time? Does she have a boyfriend after tonight?

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  • by Nicole Allen

    yall are beautiful family yall video are awesome. yall are worth it. give me a shout out on the next video . I love yall and yall YouTube channel . I was sent here by the daily bumps

  • by SnapesPrincess4

    Looks like you had tons of fun Madelyne!! I love your outfit especially your earrings!! You totally lit up under that black light!! (:
    I went to a Birthday party for a girl in my class in the 6th grade. After that I never was really invited to many parties. I was (and still am) a very shy girl.

  • by teachme reachme153

    I loved the white shirt that she tried on from Kohl's. It looked really cute on her, you should go back and get it so she can wear it to school even though it doesn't glow.

  • by Lynn Derochea

    Your vlogging skills have developed so much in such a short period of time. Keep up the great work… And this 52 year old was 13 when I went to my first dance in the church gymnasium

  • by Fargy86

    Im glad the party was so fun!! I love how close of a family you all are, the way you are always popping into each others houses is how it should be. Really enjoy this channel the longer you have been vlogging and its now one of my daily watches

  • by Alexandra Lotze

    This vlog was so funny. I'm glad Madelyne had fun. When I was younger I had two twin friends, and they always hosted a Halloween party. They would invite the entire grade to come. So there were girls and boys. They would have a costume contest, bobbing for apples, and other fun games. I loved going to those parties.

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