17 thoughts on “What we know about Vegas mass shooting suspect Stephen Paddock

  • by Ayman Atiyani

    it should not be legal to buy such machine guns by civilians. why would a civilian need such guns?

  • by Cizza AU

    Damn maybe American gun laws have something to do with the amount of shootings… Hmm I'm just trying to put 2 and 2 together here, I've come to the conclusion that being able to purchase and posses a gun is the most retarded law I've ever heard of. You have shootings and then sit around wondering how it happened… Like what the fuck?

  • by Sabrina

    You know America is messed up when they have stores called Guns and Guitars. That's like owning a store called Ricin and Ice Cream. It's just fucked up.

  • by Aaron Guevara

    He is a terrorist, but the reason they use the term "lone wolf" is to indicate that he was not affiliated with a terrorist organization (that we know of) which is what the word terrorist implies.

  • by Your Opinion Is Irrelevant

    Terrorism : the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians by any race other than white.

  • by TheFew TheProud

    Typical firearms ignorant ABC News, showing a belt-fed machinegun, even though this or any other full-auto weapon was not used in this shooting.

  • by MrYamato97

    People don't understand what terrorist means, if police connects him with any political affiliation or a group he will be deemed as a terrorist

  • by Tadej Marijanovic

    You guys are legally giving sick people firing power and offcourse a sick mind with a bit of "power" in his hands will do this.. thats why the law about guns suck fucking balls no wonder theres so many deaths in the US and nowhere else..RIP victims

  • by Obie drier

    I feel now the girlfriend is a liar. She described him as loving and caring, never detecting he would bring harm to anyone, yet his brothers now saying he surrounded himself with prostitutes amidst his 'less than caring relationship' with his 'girlfriend', you got staff at a local coffee shop saying how he used to berate her in front of everyone ….yeah real doting …..she's full of shit.

  • by Ильвар Рахимов

    I hope the bastard American society realized that war is not a TV show. I remember Yugoslavia, Libya, the Iraqi city of Baghdad, in the night illumination, all in the night lights and explosions in the streets, the wailing of sirens and the death of people for the political ambitions of an American bastard.

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