When You’re Secretly The Most Anxious

Just. Act. Natural.

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13 thoughts on “When You’re Secretly The Most Anxious

  • by Rey

    Secretly anxious? Nah, I'm openly anxious, everyone knows about it because I thought being honest and talking about it would help but um… still anxious lol.

  • by Twd. Clem_

    Ik theres different types of anxiety but as i do suffer anxiety myself i'm sure that if you're the most anxious you wouldn't be able to go out to a cafe and order a coffee let alone doing it alone and i'm also sure you wouldn't have replied to the text because you're overwhelmed with thoughts of not being good enough to go out with them and you're too anxious to go out with them even then waiting in the lobby would be hell incase it was a prank or they forgot or invited the wrong person and along with that you'd get terrified because you're stood in the lobby, alone, people are judging you and you have to get out of there etc etc.. ik everyone is different and suffer it differently but then you wouldn't be the most anxious you'd just be an anxious person.

  • by Zoe Beck

    I have this horrible idea that one day there will be an apocalypse and my family will all die and i will have to survive alone… I actually stay up at night worrying about this.

  • by Elza Abbasova

    I am secretly anxious but I'm not really sure… I don't understand if I fully am but I relate to this like I don't like to ask for something more in a cafe or something…

  • by Davi Aiex Heleno

    I'm very anxious but like, I don't really get the whole phonecall thing, probably because, aside from my mom or my dad, I don't get any phone calls at all ever

  • by DaBookyOtter

    I get really anxious when I don't get my stuff packed well before the bell rings and once my friend made fun of me. She said, "Oh look! There's ONLY FIVE MINUTES LEFT! Better get your stuff packed up!" I immediately went back to work and felt like I was an extremely anxious person because I hate it if I don't remember my stuff so I am constantly checking everything to see if it's there and I felt like I was bad because I am so anxious. My mom had to talk to the doctor about it a few years ago as well.

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