Wii Party U – TV Party 2: Team Building

Some things should never be combined, soccer and poker may be two of them.




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18 thoughts on “Wii Party U – TV Party 2: Team Building

  • by Britney Biedscheid

    When I was in elementary school, I was THAT kid who had to partner up with the teacher most of the time because everyone else chose their friends. Thankfully (no matter which grade I was in), who went to which team was either at random or divided by every other person

  • by Nathan Bishop

    Omg I get second to last pick all the time the only why I was not last because everyone know I’m one of the cool kids lol

  • by The Grammar Nazi Who Can't Grammar

    I actually got to do archery and golf in eighth grade, believe it or not.

    I kinda didn't like golf though…

  • by SonnyProductionz

    I was always one of the last people to be picked. Sometimes people picked me early on just because they pitied me so much. My P.E. teacher occasionally had us partner up so that good players would be forced to pick bad players on their team, but I would still end up getting picked near-last. People were also extremely ruthless – in kickball, they would make me (the slowest and suckiest player, mind you) go grab the ball that someone kicked 30 feet away no matter how far away I was from it. Not to mention they would wait to target me until I was near the base so I had some hope of winning, but then they crushed it immediately.

    I think the only times I ever felt like I was good at something was when I finally managed to catch a ball in dodgeball, or when I stayed at the wall the entire game and didn’t get hit at all until there were only two people left on my team (even then, they were throwing at me for a good while before they finally managed to hit the still target).

  • by Cash In

    I was usually 3rd or 2nd last picked in PE from Grades 5-9. I'm in Grade 10, so I do compulsory PE for the last time later on during the year. I have a distinct feeling that the tradition will remain true.

    It's weird, as you'd expect a 15 year old who is 183cm tall to be decent at basketball.

  • by Cyndaquil Pikachu

    To be honest I was usually picked last even though I was fairly good at most sports but weirdly enough whenever I got picked the team that got me usually cheered and not sighed so mixed blessing I guess :/

  • by CCCM89

    16:30 why didn't he trade out the 9s for the 11s? sure, it's the same basic hand with the same points, but in poker, in the event that two people play a full house like that, the one with the larger numbers usually still wins out. probably never comes into play in this game, but you never know, and it just seems strange to me that they wouldn't go for the marginally better hand.

  • by shadowchaos117

    My PE for my school systems were all different
    I was usually picked last or near last (rarely was I last) until in Middle School during our football unit for 7th grade, our captain (our teams were like teams of 4) decided to do a trick play. I sucked at catching any sport ball back then, so he decided to toss me the ball. I could run fast, so I caught the toss and ran passed all the defenders and got a touch down… the captain then just tossed me the foot ball and I always got big gains and touchdowns, even when they had someone cover me for once. That carried over and I got picked higher up, more and more depending on the sport. Usually a sport that required arm strength I still got picked near last, but any thing else I got picked in the middle.

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