WoW Gold Farming 700 – 1700g in 7 minutes – Volatile Farm

Farming guide on how to farm 700-1700 gold worth of crafting materials, volatile air, Volatile life and Twilight Jasmine
this is a good way to stock up on Volatiles for Legion Prep
they are used in the Enchanting ability Tomes of Illusion in the Legion expansion

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14 thoughts on “WoW Gold Farming 700 – 1700g in 7 minutes – Volatile Farm

  • by MaXx Hoey

    Just to add to this you can determine which volatile you get, I keep my 3 transmute mastery alchemists hearth set to an inn in val'shirah or whatever its called because its always water there, and water is about 50g per profit over life on my server at the minute, cant remember the exacts on other volatiles as they are a loss but they do have zones which give a guaranteed transmute too


    Your video is clear, well thought out, and shows great detail. I really like that you showed the location on the map (because this is dated content), let us know exactly what to do, and really broke down how to make gold. Insta subscribe! Great job man!

  • by Chaktagaluz

    If you use transmute in specific locations, you can get specific results. The list is below:

    Mount Hyjal: Volatile Fire
    Vashj'ir: Volatile Water
    Deepholm: Volatile Earth
    Uldum: Volatile Air

  • by Mady B

    I killed her the first time and looted, and then i left and came back just like you did, but she didnt respawn?

  • by Álvaro Sordi

    The last half is a good advice and material. The first half I watched in a video from 4 months ago, so you gotta look out for that stuff, since you are just reposting content.

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